Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can leave it’s victims and their families with devastating life impact. The symptoms this injury can leave behind with its victims greatly varies and can include cognitive mood/personality changes and life-long physical disabilities. Brain Injury may be caused with there is direct or indirect trauma to the head. This includes by different factors including: Diffuse Axonal Injury (DAI), where there are strong deceleration or rotational forces that cause rapid acceleration/deceleration this type of cause is common in auto accidents or slip and fall accidents; Closed Head Injury, where there is an impact to the head but no penetration of the skull; and Open Head Injury where the impact penetrates the skull.

Common Symptoms:

Loss of Consciousness
Slurred Speech
Mood Changes
The symptoms of a Traumatic Brain Injury are not always immediately noticed. Sometimes it may take days or weeks until the symptoms arise, and often the family members and friends of the victim notice the symptoms. Brain Injuries must be taken very seriously and immediate medical attention is required when there is an impact to the head or when any symptoms are noticed.

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