A Maryland jury awarded $3.3 million to the relatives of a woman killed by a motorist while walking down the infamous Pennsylvania Avenue.  The jury found the state of Maryland responsible for the wrongful death of the woman because the accident was preventable.

On August 12, 2008, Smith and Jones were walking down Pennsylvania Avenue, a street that has sidewalks on both sides.  However, a 200 foot segment lacked sidewalk or guard rails.

The PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEYS demonstrated to the jury that the State of Maryland is responsible for lacking to provide 200 feet of sidewalk or guard rails along Pennsylvania Avenue.  During trial, the attorneys argued that the two victims were struck during this segment, resulting in the wrongful death of Jones and Smith.  Smith, who was five months pregnant, died at the local hospital.

Moreover, the TRIAL ATTORNEYS held the state officials of Maryland accountable for lacking to provide a sidewalk and/or guard rails for the safety of pedestrians walking in this 200 foot section.  As a result, the jury awarded $3.3 million for the wrongful death of Jones and Smith.

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