Two women were seriously hurt in a rear end accident that occurred in Fresno in 2008.  Last month, a jury awarded the women $9 million in damages.  One of the women, Susan Lutz, suffered a brain injury which resulted in her having vertigo for the rest of her life.  Clarice Brewer can no longer walk as a result of the accident, and is confined to a wheelchair.

The defendant was driving a company truck owned by Hussmann Corp. when he made an unsafe lane change and collided into the rear of Lutz’s pick-up truck at a speed of 55 mph.  Lutz’s truck then collided into Brewer’s van.

The trial last four weeks, where a crucial issue of whether or not Brewer was wearing a seat belt was raised.  The importance of this issue is that Hussmann’s liability would have been reduced if she wasn’t wearing a seat belt.

The lives of these two women were turned upside down as a result of this accident.  They have suffered significant injuries, and a jury rightfully gave a verdict which includes past and future medical expenses and pain and suffering.  If you or someone you know have been seriously hurt in an accident, call our office, or a qualified Los Angeles Auto Accident Attorney.

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