Imagine taking a nice scenic drive up to Shaver Lake with your wife.   As a snowstorm begins, all road signs suggest installing snow chains.  Manuel Ornelas pulled his van into the designated area to install the snow chains.

Suddenly his van was rear-ended by a 10,000-pound Southern California Edison truck.  As a result of this accident, Manuel suffered injuries to his back and pelvis.

The Personal Injury Lawyers demonstrated that the truck driver was negligent because of driving at high speeds and not having the proper training to drive in snow conditions.  These truck accident lawyers asked for $10 million to cover present and future personal injuries as well as emotional damage for the couple.  

Southern California Edison counter offered $1.7 million for all damages.  Without hesitation, these Personal Injury Lawyers took the case to trial.  It was a cumbersome task for the trial lawyers to obtain a high compensation because the victims were not paraplegic or in wheelchairs.  

However, the truck accident lawyers received $5.7 million for damages including past and future medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and loss of consortium.

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Reported by the Fresno Bee