A former musician was awarded $6.2 million after consuming alcohol and diving into an underfilled apartment complex pool. As a result, the former musician, Jordan VanDusen, was paralyzed and can no longer play the guitar in his band.

The Personal Injury Lawyers for VanDusen never contested their clients responsibility during that tragic night. In fact, VanDusen admitted to the jury that he made a mistake. After the accident, VanDusen’s blood alcohol level was 0.09, 0.01 over the legal limit to operate a motor vehicle in Texas.

A video taken by a friend was presented to the jury. In this video, a group of friends were congregated around the pool at 2 a.m., when VanDusen dove into a pool that was 2.5-3 feet deep. According to state and city laws, pools that are less than 4-4.5 feet should be closed off to the public, a task that apartment employees and managers failed to do so.

Jurors determined that VanDusen was 49 percent responsible for his injuries, while the apartment complex was 51 percent liable for not warning swimmers or closing a dangerous underfilled pool. Despite this finding, the plaintiff still received a considerable monetary verdict for his injuries. The jurors originally awarded the plaintiff $12.4 million in damages, after comparative fault was apportioned, the plaintiff will receive 51% of that award.

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