A poor woman who walked into Starbucks for some coffee, came out of the store with significant injuries.  People don’t usually think a trip to a coffee shop could be so dangerous, but unfortunately the reality is that accidents can happen anywhere.

In November 2005, a seventy-three year old woman tripped over an elevated portion of the flooring.  After the trip, the woman had fractured her leg and required surgery.  There were some complications after surgery, and the woman suffered a stroke.  The woman and her husband hired a slip and fall lawyer in Los Angeles to handle her case.  The attorney argued that the store had known about the defective flooring and failed to properly fix it.

The parties disputed whether Starbucks had knowledge of this defect.  There was a witness who testified that he had warned the store of this dangerous condition months before the accident.  The judge later ruled that there was sufficient evidence for a jury to decide whether Starbucks acted with a conscious disregard for the safety of its customers.  This is significant because it would also allow the jury to potentially award punitive damages.  Knowing this, Starbucks decided to keep this out of the jury’s hands and to settle the case before the jury has an opportunity to decide.

Slip and fall accidents may potentially lead to serious injuries.  If you are involved in a slip and fall make sure to report the incident to the owner of the property or a manager and seek medical attention if you require it.  If you need an ambulance do not hesitate to request one at the scene.  It is important to contact a lawyer soon after the incident to preserve and protect your case.

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