A USA Holiday tour bus leaving a casino near the Salton Sea crashed at 5:17am on October 23, 2016 after rear ending a trucks trailer.  This horrific accident crushed most of the front part of the tour bus leaving behind 13 fatalities and dozens injured. The accident occurred on the 10 freeway in Palm Springs.

Investigators have been attempting to determine the cause of the accident including whether the tour bus driver fell asleep or had a health condition or emergency.  Authorities have said that this has been one of California’s deadliest accidents in decades.

The families of the deceased and injured may have a limited time to file a claim for injuries for this accident.  Struggling with this devastating accident and its impact on loved ones can be a very sensitive and emotional situation.  Speaking with one of our injury attorney’s may help alleviate any concerns regarding any assistance we may provide.

Our injury attorney’s are available 24/7 and offer a free consultation.

More information regarding this accident may be found from the LA Times.


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