During the summers, people are more likely to be outside a lot more, which can contribute to a rise in bite injuries. While it can be a scary thought, there are several things you need to do to protect yourself from aggressive dogs. In this article, we’ll give you an overview of how you can keep safe from threatening dogs this summer.

Why Do Dog Bites Occur More Often During The Summer?

According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, child dog bites are more frequent during the warm seasons (especially for children). People are more outdoors during nice weather, and they’re exercising, playing sports, and walking around with their dogs more often than usual. As a result of conditions characterized by pleasant weather, dog attacks in California peak in the summer.

Tips to Prevent Dog Bites

By reading the following dog bite prevention tips, you can keep yourself and your family safe this summer.

Both Restrained and Unrestrained Dogs Pose A Risk

Roaming, uninhibited dogs can be unpredictable. If they are lost, they might look desperate and hungry. These qualities might also make them stressed and more defensive. You don’t know what type of past these dogs possess (i.e., abuse, neglect), so watch out.
Restrained dogs additionally pose a threat. They may be unsafely territorial or highly energetic from being tied up for too long. Regardless of how quiet a leashed dog seems to be, keep yourself safe and keep away from it.

Always Get An Okay From The Dog Owner

It’s important to ask permission before petting someone’s pet because this can deter all sorts of bites. Knowing when it isn ‘t appropriate to pet someone’s pet can spare you a lot of pain.

Don’t Get Too Close

An unfamiliar animal could be unnerved at your affectionate behavior. For instance, kissing or hugging an unfamiliar animal could be a fatal mistake if that particular animal does not enjoy being kissed or hugged. Allowing the dog or cat to sniff you first and getting permission from the owner is essential before getting close to the animal in your circle.

Supervise Children Around Dogs

It’s important to keep a watchful eye on children while they are playing with or around pets. Children may often be rough with their pets and tease them without considering the potential consequences of their actions. Additional adult supervision can keep bad dog attacks from occurring or escalating.
A lot of animals respond to stimulation and noise, so teach your children to stay calm and slow down as you approach an aggressive or defensive dog. If you stay still like a bush, the dog will likely pass on by. If a dog knocks you down, professionals recommend trying to roll into a ball and use your hands to shield your ears and neck.

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