Determining who is at fault in case of a ridesharing car accident can take some time. In some cases, the driver is at fault. In others, the fault lies elsewhere. Determining who was responsible for the incident typically requires the help of a skilled LA motor vehicle accident lawyer. If you incurred injuries in a driving accident involving a rideshare service, it’s most advantageous to pursue financial compensation as soon as possible while you can.

Liability for Rideshare Car Accidents

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In a ride-sharing accident, liability is often determined by negligence. If only one driver is negligent, they are held accountable for the wellbeing of the other driver and passengers.
Proving fault in a self-driving car wreck is difficult. If you become involved in a rideshare car accident, you and your Personal Injury Lawyer need to prove:
    a. The driver was legally obligated to prevent foreseeable injury to others (duty of care).
    b. The driver negligently violated their obligations.
    c. Because of the driver’s actions, you sustained injuries.

Uber and Lyft drivers have to take appropriate care when on the road. They include not crossing a boundary or putting the vehicle in front of an avoidable obstacle, as well as observing pedestrians.

When Uber or Lyft Is Responsible

Uber and Lyft have third-party liability insurance, which covers up $1 million or more in the event of personal injuries and property damage in a common accident. When the driver’s liability insurance coverage, which is mandatory for Uber and Lyft, is exhausted, third-party liability insurance will be in effect.

Rideshare companies also offer financial reimbursement for accidents when the driver is unknown. That’s most likely to occur in a situation like:
    a. A hit-and-run car accident 
    b. The motorist does not have any car insurance.
    c. The motorist doesn’t have enough insurance to provide for your injuries

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How does Insurance work for a rideshare car accident?

Generally, your at-fault auto insurance company will cover your damages, but there are exceptions. That s especially true if multiple parties shared fault. If you have doubts regarding who’s liable, consult a seasoned Los Angeles car crash injury attorney for help that meets your requirements.

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