Why Hire a Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer?

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, there are many reasons to hire a lawyer to represent you. While you may have a claim for significant financial compensation, you are unlikely to recover the full and fair compensation you deserve without the seasoned counsel of an experienced lawyer on your side.

Slip and fall accident attorney Ed Akhavan has dedicated his career to helping victims in California. He knows the pain and distress these accidents can lead to affected victims and their closest loved ones. He is dedicated to pursuing the maximum compensation his clients require and deserve.

10 Reasons to Hire a Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

While it may be true that you do not frequently suffer significant injuries after a fall, it’s still crucial to seek out legal counsel the moment that it is appropriate, as this will help make certain that you are treated fairly. Below are ten of the factors you should take into account when deliberating when to obtain legal counsel.

1. It Costs You Nothing Out of Pocket

To begin with, there is no initial out of pocket cost to hire a lawyer for a slip-and-fall claim. That means that you can hire a lawyer, all at no cost to you-until there is a recovery, to handle your lawsuit. A slip-and-fall lawyer will provide a free consultation; and the lawyer will not require any up-front payment to begin the process if they choose to take your case.

2. It Costs You Nothing At All Unless You Win

It doesn’t require any out of pocket money to pay a lawyer if you bring a slip and fall accident lawsuit. You only pay if your attorney wins your case. That’s because a slip and fall accident lawyer provides a contingency-fee arrangement. This means NO Recovery, No Fee.

3. You Need to Prove Fault

If you fell on another person’s property, that does not necessarily entitle you to financial compensation. You have to have a lawyer by your side to file a claim. Without this attorney’s assistance, you might not succeed in proving your part in the accident. Lawyers add a tremendous value in these types of cases.

4. You Need to Prove Your Damages

In addition to demonstrating fault, you will also need to show your entitlement to damages. This is referred to as your “damages” and will be based on factors including the severity of the injuries you sustained, your medical needs, your job status, your family life, and your age–among many other things.

5. Proving Fault and Damages Requires Substantial Evidence

Proving fault and damages requires a significant amount of evidence. Gathering such evidence is a multi-step process that usually involves conducting an on-scene investigation, talking with witnesses, collecting surveillance camera footage, obtaining records, and other means. If you have a claim, an experienced attorney knows how to go about collecting evidence and making it available.

6. Where You Go for Medical Treatment Matters

Being misinformed due to an accident injury can be costly, so it’s essential to ensure that you get the proper medical treatment. It is also vital that you obtain copies of your legitimate medical documentation from the medical professional who saw you. You can get in touch with a local personal injury lawyer who can liaise with medical specialists that are trained in order to help you prove your personal injury claim.

7. Simple Mistakes Can Jeopardize Your Legal Rights

Preventing missteps as straightforward as talking with the right doctor is critical to protecting your legal rights after an injury from a slip and fall. Even minor mistakes might damage your case and you could even be denied the ability to pursue a claim. If you speak with a seasoned slip and fall personal injury attorney, your lawyer can help you avoid making errors and also help you preserve your capacity to proceed with a claim.

8. The Insurance Companies Won’t Be Sympathetic to Your Situation

Regardless of the severity of your injuries or how unsatisfactory your circumstances might be, insurance carriers will essentially never see it your way. They’re not going to compensate you until they’re sure it’s mandatory, and they’re unlikely to willingly compensate you when they do.

9. You Don’t Get a Second Chance

You don’t get a second chance if you settle for too little, run out of time, or make mistakes that get in the way of your recovery. If your claim is successful, it’s successful. Lawyers represent you to be sure you’re making the right moves at the right times.

10. You Owe It To Yourself and Your Family

Whether you settle for too little, you run out of time, or you bring about other problems that impede your recovery, you do not have a second opportunity. Once your claim has ended, it’s finished. When you have an experienced lawyer representing you, you can feel reassured that you are doing the right things at the appropriate times.

A slip and fall accident lawyer can help you obtain a fair settlement. Talk to a Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer in California for Free to have your case evaluated.

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